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Sometimes, geographic information is given as street intersections rather than GPS coordinates or street addresses with house numbers. Intersections can be geocoded with Google Maps (Limited free usage with API), ArcGIS (paid software) or other web services which parse text and return coordinates. If you are lucky, there may be a government geocoding service for free. On the other hand, you can perform your own geocoding of intersections by taking advantage of the detailed Open Street Maps data accessed with osmdata.


Some major changes have occurred to baRcodeR since the last post on version 0.1.2 to ease the process of making printable labels like below. As of baRcodeR 0.1.5: After extremely helpful reviews, baRcodeR was accepted as part of the rOpenSci project. Online documentation for the package is now available, generated with pkgdown and hosted by rOpenSci. An interactive GUI in the form of a shiny RStudio addin is now available as part of the package.


baRcodeR 0.1.2 is released on CRAN today! Download and install by install.packages("baRcodeR") Example linear barcode The major feature of this release is the ability to print linear (a.k.a normal) barcodes through specifying type = "linear" in create_PDF() rather than type = "matrix" which prints the usual QR code. The github repository is at yihanwu/baRcodeR. Minor notes on the implementation of these linear barcodes The linear barcodes are based on the code 128B specification (Wikipedia).


Icon noun A person or thing regarded as a representative symbol or as worthy of veneration. A symbol or graphic representation on a screen of a program, option, or window. from Oxford English Dictionaries Fontawesome and the noun project along with other icon provides produce and distribute beautiful icons for free use. But sometimes, I would like to alter or create my own tiny 16x16 or 32x32 pixel wide icons without having to learn inkscape or any other svg editor.


Generating a Bibtex citation in Hugo with a shortcode


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Reconstructing parallel clines in flowering phenology of *Lythrum salicaria*
2018-07-20 8:30 AM
Differential gene analysis and visualization with Tuxedo, R, and Kallisto
2018-06-07 3:30 AM
R Package Tutorial
2018-03-15 3:30 AM
Research Tools for Ecological and Environmental Genomics
2017-06-06 8:30 AM




Phylogenomics of grass species in the Canadian Arctic

Genomics of *Alliaria petiolata*

Population structure of garlic mustard, an European invasive.

Using herbarium specimens

to reconstruct phenological shifts of Lythrum salicaria, an European invader.

baRcodeR: a R package

Label generation to track biological samples


I have acted as a teaching assistant for these courses as Queen’s University:

  • BIOL 102 Introductory Biology of Cells (Online, in person)

  • BIOL 103 Introductory Biology of Organisms

  • BIOL 360 Biotechnology and Society

  • BIOL 331 Analytical Genomics

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