baRcodeR now on rOpenSci + online barcode PDF generation

Some major changes have occurred to baRcodeR since the last post on version 0.1.2 to ease the process of making printable labels like below.

As of baRcodeR 0.1.5:

  1. After extremely helpful reviews, baRcodeR was accepted as part of the rOpenSci project.

  2. Online documentation for the package is now available, generated with pkgdown and hosted by rOpenSci.

  3. An interactive GUI in the form of a shiny RStudio addin is now available as part of the package. Users can input parameters and preview label output before creation. Code snippets are provided for reproducibility of output. See sample screenshots here

  4. An online Shiny app is now available on Users can now generate their labels and PDF sticker sheets without having to install baRcodeR locally. The interface is similar to the RStudio addin, except that user files have to be downloaded and saved. Due to possible size constraints, all uploads and created files by the user are deleted at the end of the session.