Mapping ggplot geoms and aesthetic parameters

The sheer variety of geom_* in ggplot2 is overwhelming and astounding, especially with the control over the many aesthetics such as shape and color. For example, the ggplot2 cheat sheet is packed (link). I frequently forget which aes parameters exist for each geom_* and need a quick look at the help pages. Using the information from the cheatsheet, I was able to quickly summarize the aes parameters available for each geom_* (link).

Vancouver Trees - Getting Native/Introduced status from USDA

Getting native/introduced status of trees from the USDA PLANTS database using City of Vancouver street trees.

Use .Rmd for projects in Academic + What happens when embedding a htmlwidget

Yihui’s minimal theme for blogdown is wonderful but the Academic theme by G. Cushen provides several benefits, the main one for me being the site is essentially a better-looking electronic CV. blogdown + hugo also makes it easy for me to add images and keep everything organized on a git repository from within RStudio. Unlike many other themes, Academic has several different page types beyong the typical post such as project, and publication.

baRcodeR 1.1 preCRAN release a.k.a what are all these parameters for label layout?

Announcement of baRcodeR 1.1 and my reason for feature decisions

Parameter testing In stacks, SNP extraction and visualization in R

Bash and R script for extracting SNPs and visualizing SNP distributions from stacks parameter testing

R Package Tutorial

Repost of BIOL 812 tutorial on making an R package. Ends with a function to get references in a data frame from a DOI.

Visualization of Vancouver Cherry Trees with ggplot2 and R

Creating a spatial density map of cherry trees in Vancouver.