Use .Rmd for projects in Academic + What happens when embedding a htmlwidget

Yihui’s minimal theme for blogdown is wonderful but the Academic theme by G. Cushen provides several benefits, the main one for me being the site is essentially a better-looking electronic CV. blogdown + hugo also makes it easy for me to add images and keep everything organized on a git repository from within RStudio. Unlike many other themes, Academic has several different page types beyong the typical post such as project, and publication.

R Package Tutorial

Repost of BIOL 812 tutorial on making an R package. Ends with a function to get references in a data frame from a DOI.

Reconstructing parallel clines in flowering phenology of *Lythrum salicaria*

baRcodeR with PyTrackDat: Open-source labelling and tracking of biological samples for repeatable science

Repeatable experiments with accurate data collection and reproducible analyses are fundamental to the scientific method but may be difficult to achieve in practice. Several flexible, open-source tools developed for the R and Python coding …

Visualization of Vancouver Cherry Trees with ggplot2 and R

Creating a spatial density map of cherry trees in Vancouver.

baRcodeR: a R package

Label generation to track biological samples

baRcodeR - Labelling and tracking biological samples

baRcodeR is a R package for generating unique indentifier strings and pintable 2D (QR) barcodes, with the aim of improving repeatability of labelling, tracking and curating data from biological samples.

Differential gene analysis and visualization with Tuxedo, R, and Kallisto

R Package Tutorial

Blog post to the seminar content.

Research Tools for Ecological and Environmental Genomics

Poster presentation of an early version of baRcodeR and WeatheRScrapeR